Metallic Epoxy Floors

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These Metallic Epoxy Floors are mainly for showcase areas such as, your interior of your home, office buildings, garages, or any area where you are looking for a fully custom Epoxy Floor.

Metallic Epoxy Floors are usually a 2 day process depending on the scope of work. On the first day we will Diamond Grind the concrete slab using a planetary floor grinder using synthetic diamonds to profile the concrete slab.

Before Applying the prime coat, we will fill in cracks and imperfections using a cement-like patching compound to hide the imperfections in your Epoxy Floor. Then we will apply our water based pigmented primer that is water resistant and has great bonding characteristics also a fast drying product to help for quick return to service.

We will apply our 100% Solids Epoxy Resin which will usually consist of 2 colors, a Main Color and also a Highlight Color to help add contrast. With many colors to choose from your can mix and match colors to achieve any look.

Day 2 we will arrive and proceed to apply either a 85% Solids urethane or a 100% solids epoxy resin in clear. depending on the project the urethane does contain a solvent smell so could cause a reaction if applied in enclosed areas.

48 to 72 hour dry time before foot traffic and items due to the thickness of coatings.

Metallic Epoxy Floor Colors